How to Recognize that a Big Thunderstorm is Approaching

Thunderstorm is Approaching

Have you ever been watching TV and seen a character look out at the horizon and say, “There’s a storm a comin’”? If so, you might have found yourself, like many people, asking how he knew that. Well, the answer is a little more simple than you might think!

Knowing When a Storm is “a Comin’” Can Save Your Life

If you can spot the signs of severe thunderstorms, dry thunderstorms, flash floods, or tornadoes, you will be much less likely to be caught by surprise in these weather conditions. This means you’re less likely to suffer injury to your body or property.

Two Quick Tips

There are countless ways to check the weather conditions in our modern day and age, including by downloading weather apps, but what if your phone’s dead? These two tips will help in those conditions.

Check the Color of the Sky

We all know that the sky turns gray with clouds during storms, but that’s not always the case. If the sky turns green, for instance, there is a very likely chance that a tornado is about to touch down.

Watch for Strange Animal Movements

Scientists aren’t exactly sure how animals can tell when foul weather is coming, but one way or another they can. If you see animals moving to higher ground or abnormally large flocks of birds flying off in one direction, that could indicate that severe weather is brewing.


If your phone is dead and you no longer have access to your favorite weather app or you simply want to be able to predict the weather more accurately while outdoors, keeping an eye on the color of the sky and monitoring animal movements will help keep you just a little bit safer.