How to Survive in Space without a Spacesuit

How to Survive in Space without a Spacesuit

If you’re ever lucky enough to go into space and be allowed to make a space walk, chances are you’ll be taught how to survive damage to the suit.

However, if you’re just looking to satisfy your curiosity, let us be the ones to teach you with this handy guide.

Hull Breaches and Suit Breaches

In science fiction, hull breaches tend to cause many high-stakes action-packed scenes where the protagonists are caught between life and death. The same stress arises when suits are breached. One way or another, it’s certain death by exposure.

Surviving a Breached Suit

This said, you’ll want to prevent that at any cost. However, if preventative measures fail, whether by space debris or at the hands of an unhappy fellow crew member, there are ways for you to survive.

It is in fact possible to survive for about a minute when your suit is breached or you are exposed to the vacuum of space, but after that you’re dead. In that minute, you’ll have to find your repair kit, typically fixed to the exterior of your suit, and get to work.

Make certain that the repair kit’s items do not cause any more leaks or ruptures. If worse comes to worst, simply propel yourself toward the nearest airlock of the ship or station so that, when you inevitably pass out, your crew can potentially resuscitate you before your life signs are completely lost.


Death by exposure is never a pretty thing. Factor in the effects of the vacuum of space on the human body and you are in for quite a memorable experience. Fortunately, most space suits are equipped with repair kits.

However, if yours is damaged and your fellow space-walkers don’t have one, you better hope that you’re less than 60 seconds away from the nearest pressurized cabin.

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