How to Make a First-Aid Bandage

How to Make a First-Aid Bandage

If you or somebody you’re with in the wilderness is severely injured and you’re all out of bandages and gauze, what do you do? Believe it or not, Hollywood got it right: you use your clothes.

Prevent Loss of Life

One of the worst possible outcomes during a casual camping trip is an accidental gunshot wound, cut from a sharp object, or burn. All of these need immediate treatment or can cause severe permanent injuries or even death. When hospitals are miles away, you have to think quickly.

How to Save a Life

There are a couple of ways on how this can be done.

Rip Fabric

Whether it’s from your tent, your shirt, or your pants doesn’t matter. As long as you have some fabric, you can use that to bandage the wound by tying it around and applying pressure. In more dire circumstances, a stick can be added to form a makeshift tourniquet.

Preventative Medicine

If you have plenty of time before any treatment is necessary, however, consider using a tissue, some tape, and a dab or Neosporin to make your own bandage. Simply fold the tissue, place a dab of Neosporin on the wound, and tape the folded tissue to the surface of the skin.

Take special care to ensure that the tape does not adhere to any wounds, as that can cause severe discomfort and agitation of the wounded area.


There are other ways to go about making makeshift bandages as well, but these are two of the greatest. 

If you use torn clothing to create instant bandages to stop the bleeding and then replace those bandages with makeshift tissue-tape bandages, you’ll be much less likely to suffer blood loss and death in the wilderness.