How to Create Chalkboard Signs from Inexpensive Frames

Create Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboards might have had their heyday in classrooms of the 60s and 70s, but they are experiencing quite the revival in the consumer market.

But what if none of these retro styles fit your aesthetic? You could always make your own!

Finding the Right Chalkboard

Shopping around for chalkboards that fit into your desired dimensions, look the way you want, and are in a price range with which you are comfortable can be quite a daunting challenge. But if you make your own, you’ll be sure to like what you end up with.

A Simple Process

All you need to make your own DIY chalkboard is chalkboard paint, a paint brush, an old frame, and some sandpaper or a sanding block. Once you’ve got the materials, you can get to work!

Start by cleaning the frame and completely removing the glass insert. Take special care not to lose any of the screws or damage the glass.

Next, you’ll add a layer of primer to the glass so that the paint can adhere better to the slippery surface. Otherwise, the paint will likely just scrape right off, if it even sticks at all. Once it’s primed, add the chalkboard paint. Then, let it dry.

From here, all you have left to do is sand out any bumps and inconsistencies in the texture, slide the glass insert back into the picture frame, and voila! You’ve made your own chalkboard sign.


This DIY solution is one of the easiest ways to repurpose inexpensive frames and get the most value out of your time. Not only do you have more versatility and more options when you make the product yourself, you also have a great talking point whenever guests come over.

So go ahead and show us around!