How to Use a Window Shutter as a Mail Holder

Before you have a chance to sort through your mail and find out which of the dozens of envelopes are just more spam letters offering pre-approvals for new credit cards and which are important bills, you have to find somewhere to put them.

Have you considered the window shutter?

Plenty of Tight Slats

Window shutters are perhaps the best possible spots in which to store letters. This is because shutters typically come in multiple rows of tightly connected slats with thin strings or wooden beams in between them. This makes them perfect for organizing mail at a height that catches the eye and avoids causing back pain.

How it’s Done

Very little work whatsoever is necessary for this DIY life hack. First and foremost, just gather up your mail. Take all of the envelopes and walk over to your window shutters.

Take the tension rod and tighten the shutters as tightly as they can get with each slat pointing at an upward angle. You’ll know if you’ve done it wrong if you find your mail sliding out by the force of gravity.

From there, simply start organizing the letters in between the slats, using the slats as supports to prevent any from falling to the ground. As long as the shutter is tight against the window, none should fall through.

It’s also a great idea to organize the letters by height. For example, put the most urgent (bills and such) at the top and everything else organized in rows below them.


This life hack can save you some serious time and also help you out of a bind if you find yourself forgetting to keep up with your more important correspondences.