How to Stack PVC Pipe or Paint Cans as a Shoe Storage

There are plenty of ways to create DIY storage containers for clothes. Just look at all the ways that elementary schools make cubby holes! If you’re looking for an eye-catching and interesting interior design scheme, consider using paint cans or PVC to store your shoes.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes Everywhere!

Nobody likes the way those piles of shoes look scattered around your closets, bedroom, and foyer. Sometimes, you might not even like any of the storage units commercially sold for shoe storage. Crafting your own shoe storage is one of the most effective ways to solve both of these problems.

Stacks on Stacks

While there are plenty of ways to craft DIY shoe storages, empty paint cans and PVC pipes provide some of the cheapest and most aesthetically pleasing options out there.

Since not everybody has access to enough empty paint cans, we’ll talk about PVC, but know that the general techniques involved in this guide are identical.

One way is to wrap a cinch cable or some kind of belt around large-hole PVC tubes to keep them fastened securely to one another, but one of the more aesthetic ways of doing this would be to use industrial grade glue to secure the parts of the PVC in contact with the other pipes and/or the wall.


Hopefully this design idea will help you find a neat and beautiful way to stay organized without breaking the bank. If not, at least we can rest easy knowing that you’ve been inspired to create something meaningful with your own two hands.