How to Create a Front-Tie Tank by Cutting up an Old Shirt

DIY t-shirt ideas have become so popular today that you can see somebody wearing one every time you leave your house. Interestingly enough, you might not even notice! If you follow the tips and tricks in this guide, you’ll be able to create your own front-tie tank of professional quality.

Repurposed Clothing

Oftentimes, designer-made front-tie tanks can run your wallet straight into the ground, and even if you manage to find an affordable one, you might not like it. So what’s one way to know for certain that it’ll fit properly, be affordable, and look nice? By making it yourself.

Textile Reconstruction

First, you’ll want to make sure that you have a flat, scratch-resistant surface before beginning the process. Once you have that, some scissors, and something to mark the shirt with, move on to the next step: the cutting.

Flip the shirt over and cut across the bottom of the back of the shirt, parallel to the bottom line of the shirt. Then, flip it back over, mark the center.

Once you’ve finished this, all that’s next is to turn the shirt into a tank by cutting the sleeves off just about an inch or two away from the neckhole of the shirt.

Use this video if you need a visual representation:


This snazzy new DIY tank, if done properly can look as great as any that you might buy at your favorite outlet store, but it will feel so much better because not only do you already know that it fits well, you get to soak in the knowledge knowing that you made it yourself.