Ways to Stash Your Cash Secretly

Stashing cash around your home in hard-to-find places is a great way to keep emergency cash handy and prevent yourself from being left completely broke in the event of a break-in. There are a number of places that you can hide your cash without it being found – just make sure you don’t hide it so well that even you cannot find it!

Stashing Your Cash in Your House Itself

You can stash your cash within the actual structure of your house. Place cash in air vents secured with tape for easy retrieval. Put money behind fake wall outlets that you create. You can even hide cash in the insulation of your attic. If you’re doing remodeling and want a truly secret emergency cash spot, you can put a wad of cash behind the plaster in your walls.

Stashing Your Cash Behind and Inside of Things

One popular place to hide money is behind clocks, pictures, and decorations on walls. You can place cash inside of old medicine boxes and pill bottles that you cannot see through and place them in the back of your medicine cabinet. One insane place to hide your money is in an opaque glass jar that is placed inside an aquarium! You can also stick to traditional cash hiding places like inside flashlights and in plastic bags in the freezer.

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Stashing Your Cash Outside

Some people so far as to hide their emergency money outside of their homes. You can put your stash inside a sturdy box and bury it in your backyard. Money can be placed underneath large potted plants or even placed in Ziploc bags and buried in the pot with the plant. Another place to hide money outside is within a birdhouse in a tree.

Remember Where You Put It

There are endless ways to stash emergency cash around and outside of your home, but the main thing to focus on is remembering where you put it. You may want to keep a secret map detailing where your money is buried or a note on your phone reminding you that there is $1000 in your fish tank. One thing is for sure, though – you’ll never be left without cash if you use these hiding spots!