How to Water Your Houseplants While on Vacation

Going on a long vacation often results in you coming home to dead houseplants. Whether your house-sitter didn’t water them enough or you just forgot you had plants and didn’t have a house-sitter, the result is the same – all your plants are dead and brown. Maybe you can revive some of them, but, depending on how long you were on vacation, there may not be any hope for your poor houseplants. Hindsight is 20/20, though, and you’re about to learn a few ways to water your plants for the next time you’re on vacation.

Keeping the Plants Alive

There are a few ways to water your plants while you are away, and they are:

  • Water Wicking – Place a long piece of cotton rope into a vase or large cup of water. Place the dry end of the cotton rope close to the plant a few inches down into the soil. Make sure the wet end of the rope is at the bottom of the water container.
  • DIY Drip System – Poke several holes near the opening at the top of the bottle. Water your plant right as you’re going to leave, fill the plastic bottle with water, and force it into the plant top-down until all the holes are covered by the soil. Make sure to not put it too close to the plant.
  • Give Your Plants a Bath – Put a few inches of water into your tub. Place a few towels into the water, flat. Sit your plants that have good drainage on the towels. Roots will take water from the tub. If your bathroom is dark, this isn’t a good idea.

See how to water your houseplants while on vacation here:

No House-Sitter Required

If all you have to worry about leaving behind on vacation are your beloved houseplants, then you no longer need to pay a house-sitter! Keep taking care of your plants in any absence with these awesome tips.