How to Use a Tent to Create a Sun-safe Sandbox

Sandboxes have been entertaining children for years. Almost any kid will run straight to a sandbox if he or she sees one. The appeal of a sandbox is almost automatic – like it is a reaction known since birth. From a parent’s perspective, however, public sandboxes are gross. There are some pretty nasty things that are left in sandboxes sometimes. 

One way to give your child his or her own sandbox that not only stays clean but also protects him or her from the sun is to create one with a tent.

Creating Your Safe Sandbox

The first step to create your sandbox is to purchase a tent. You need to decide what size you want and where it’s going to be to choose the right tent for you. If it will be outside, you should get a tent equipped for the outdoors. You can see some of the best outdoor tents here.

Once you’ve chosen your tent, it’s time to set it up. Make sure you choose your spot wisely because, once the sand is placed into the tent, you won’t be moving it. Set your tent up. Fill the bottom of your tent with sand. Add any toys or extras you want, and you’ve successfully made a fun, safe, and sun-free sandbox!

One particularly great aspect of a tent sandbox is that you can zip it up when it’s not in use, keeping any critters and bugs out of the sand.

See how to make a sandbox in a tent here:

Making Life Easier

Parenting can be hard and having safe play options for your children makes life a little easier. After creating such an awesome tent sandbox for your kids, you should definitely pat yourself on the back for being a great parent!