How to Use a Post-It Note to Clean Your Computer Keyboard

It is actually rather astonishing how dirty a computer keyboard can get. While there are keyboard cleaning products that you can use to clean your keyboard, there is a single piece of office supply material that can be used to clean your keyboard – Post-its!

Grabbing the Dust with a Post-It

This life hack is so incredibly simple that you will wonder how you never thought of it yourself! 

  • Grab a post-it.
  • Fold the sticky part up.
  • (Optional) Stare at the post-it for much longer than necessary wondering how so much dirt was in your keyboard and questioning your life’s choices.

If you are wanting to use the Post-it Method to clean your home computer keyboard, but you have no post-its available – you can use regular tape

See the Post-It Method in action here: 

More Ways to Keep Your Keyboard Clean

The simple tricks for cleaning keyboards don’t just stop with the Post-It Method! There are other ways to clean your keyboard with things around your home or office.

  • Tilt your keyboard upside down and shake it. Most loose debris will fall out.
  • Dib a cotton swab in alcohol and clean small, hard to reach spaces in between keys. 
  • Use a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol to clean the tops of keys and larger areas of your keyboard.
  • If a key is sticking, remove that key and clean the area with rubbing alcohol. Then, replace the key.

Keyboard Cleaning Master

Using these keyboard cleaning tips will make your keyboard the cleanest one in your home or office! Proper keyboard maintenance is necessary for extending the life of your keyboard. Dust particles are everywhere, and they tend to accumulate in places like keyboards that are often forgotten until they start being problematic. So, keep those post-its handy!