How to Turn Clothes Hangers into Shoe Hangers

One of the simplest DIY projects is the conversion of ordinary clothing hangers into shoe hangers. With this quick guide, you can reclaim your closet and turn those piles of shoes into a neatly organized wardrobe.

So Many Shoes, Not Enough Space

You’ve probably heard it from your partner or maybe you’ve said it yourself, “Where am I going to put all of these shoes?” Sure, you could stack them and pile them up in your closet, but how messy and disorganized is that? No, consider making shoe hangers instead.

The Conversion

The process is quite simple, really. You’ll want to use a pair of pliers, a few hangers (just in case they break), and a pair of gloves (if you’re working with wires). Nobody likes to be stabbed through the palm by wire or sliced by broken plastic.

The most common method of creating DIY shoe hangers is to use wire hangers. Take a pair of wire-cutters and cut at the center of the bottom support of the hanger. Now, you should have individual arms of equal length on each side of the hanger.

If you don’t have any tools of any kind, try this method.

Simply take your pliers and and bend the arms straight from the ends to about the half-way mark on each arm. From there, you’ll be able to style the arms however you like, using the pliers for finer embellishments.


If you follow the terms of this guide to the letter, or even if you make key changes here and there to make the hangers more to your liking, you just might find yourself being able to stay a little more organized and spend a little less time running around the house, shouting, “where are my shoes?”