How to Turn a Tennis Ball into a Helpful Holder

Often, you find your important mail strewn across the counter. You spend a ridiculous amount of time looking for your keys or pens to write with. Even when you buy things to specifically organize or keep track of your stuff, you either always forget to use them or you use them for a few weeks and then stop. 

Maybe you’ve never had something that was so cute it reminded you to remember to use it. You can make the most adorable item holder with a tennis ball!

Helpful Holder, Helpful Friend

If you have a tennis ball just lying around, try this hack to help organize your life. (You’re going to want to make 10 more once you’ve made this one!) You’ll need a tennis ball, a sharp knife, a small suction cup, a permanent market, a pair of googly eyes, and superglue.

  • On your tennis ball, take a marker and draw a straight line down the middle.
  • Cut along the line with your knife. Be very careful during this step.
  • Directly on the opposite side, cut a small opening that will hold the end of your suction cup.
  • Push your suction into the smaller opening. Use superglue to reinforce the hold.
  • Glue your googly eyes above the longer opening to give your “smile” a face!

See 5 DIY uses for tennis balls here:

Best Buddies

You can use your tennis buddy to keep track of all kinds of things – mail, keys, pens, recipes. You can cut slits into the bottom of his face to put him on the fridge to hold pictures, calendars, or save the dates. Make multiple tennis ball holders to place all around your home. You can even name them and make organizing your life more fun!