How to Repurpose Mini Liquor Bottles

The adorably tiny liquor bottles that are known for being used to make your adult drinks on a plane are not seen in many places. They only offer one shot of liquor, so if you’re looking to actually have some drinks, you will opt for a larger bottle. But the mini liquor bottles are so precious that most people tend to hold onto them as souvenirs. Once you’ve amassed a huge little liquor bottle collection, though, you may need to start considering ways to use your bottles!

Ideas for Using Empty Mini Liquor Bottles

There are many ways to use the bottles once they are empty. Before using them for anything, make sure that the mini bottles are completely washed and cleaned.

  • Use the bottles to hold ingredients and condiments. Fill them with things like olive oil, soy sauce, or ketchup. They are perfect for carrying the salad dressing or sauce you need for your lunch as well.
  • Turn them into salt and pepper shakers. Replace the lids of the bottles with shaker lids, and you have a set of fun salt and pepper shakers.
  • You can even make your own shot glasses. The steps to convert your mini bottle to a shot glass are here.
  • Use them as little vases for small flowers to decorate around your home.

Ideas for Using Full Mini Liquor Bottles

Full mini liquor bottles can add some cute adult fun to gift items and parties.

  • Give them out as party favors. One great presentation idea is to make custom labels for the bottles that celebrate the occasion.
  • Use the smaller liquor bottles to infuse smaller fruits with liquor.
  • Make a pull-out minibar in a kitchen drawer that you aren’t using. Stock it with your choice of mini liquor, and grab a little bottle when you need one.
  • Gift someone a mini liquor bottle arrangement. Instead of flowers or fruit or candy, your arrangement will feature liquor.

See ways to reuse liquor bottles here:

Bottles of Fun

Darling little liquor bottles are always a hit. So, use them to your advantage! Take your collection that is just holding dust, and use it for something practical or fun.