How to Organize Pot Lids with Towel Racks

The most dangerous “safe” place in your kitchen is probably the cabinet that holds your pots and pans and their lids. This cabinet is usually full of chaotically stacked pots and pans with lids placed wherever you can fit them. You know – this is the cabinet that empties its contents on you every time to open the cabinet door! Organizing pots, pans, and lids can be a pain because they are all different shapes and sizes and, typically, their lids do not fit them securely. 

So, you end up shoving the cookware into the cabinet and closing its door – hoping that it stays closed. If you want an option that makes sure you aren’t toppled by pots and pans, you can grab some towel racks and organize your pot lids to make life easier.

Racking Them Up

Lids are probably the most awkwardly shaped dishes in your home, and their presence in the pot and pan cabinet throws off any neatness you may have been able to achieve. Another common issue with pot lids is that you can never find the size you need when you need it! 

Enter your savior – towel racks. These little bars of hope can help to add some sense to your pot and pan cabinet, making it less cluttered and allowing you to quickly find the lids you need when you need them. The process is very simple!

  • Grab some towel racks at your store. You’ll only be putting two on each cabinet, so get enough for the number of cabinets you’ll be adding the racks to.
  • Make sure you have all the things you need to install the racks. You’ll need screws and a screwdriver or drill, for sure. Check the packaging to see what comes with the rack and what you need to supply yourself.
  • When you have everything you need, follow these steps:
    • Open the cabinet door. 
    • Place the towel rack onto the inside of the cabinet door. 
    • Make sure to install one rack in the top half and one in the bottom half.
    • Make sure the rack is level and install it. You can use a level to make sure it’s straight.
    • Install the second rack further down on the cabinet.
  • You may want to use your largest and smallest lids to determine how your racks will be placed.

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Organized and Convenient

This towel rack trick will help you organize your pot and pan cabinet and keep all your lids available to you at all times. Not only will it keep your cabinet neat, it will save your time – and time is something that the days do not have enough of.