How to Make Your Shoes Waterproof

Walking in soaking wet shoes is not fun at all. When you’re caught in rainy weather, no amount of umbrellas and ponchos can protect your shoes from being covered in water. But did you know that you can waterproof your shoes?

Using a Waterproof Spray

There are waterproof sprays available for all different types of shoes. All you have to do is find the spray that is made for your shoe, purchase it, and spray your shoe. Waterproof sprays can extend the life of your shoe very easily, and it’s definitely worth the investment to protect your favorite shoes. These sprays are extremely popular for suede shoes because they won’t damage the material.

Using Wax and a Hair Dryer

There are two waxes that can be used for waterproofing your shoes – candle wax and beeswax. Candle wax wears off faster than beeswax, so it needs to be reapplied often to stay effective. Beeswax can change the look of your shoe after a few layers, but it lasts longer between applications because it just forms a layer of protection on the outside of the shoe instead of soaking in.

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Whichever wax you choose the use, the application of the wax is the same. Follow these steps:

  • Grab your chosen wax.
  • Make sure the shoes you are waterproofing are very clean and completely dry.
  • Test the wax by rubbing it on a small part of the shoe to see how it looks.
  • If you are pleased, rub the wax all over the entire shoe. Make sure that you cover the entire shoe.
  • Grab your hair dryer, and set it to high heat.
  • Wave the hair dryer over the shoes, making sure to melt all the wax.
  • When all the wax disappears, you are done heating.

When you’re done waterproofing your shoe, you can test it out by pouring water on it. Remember that you have to reapply the wax periodically. So, if you notice your shoes are leaking, do the waxing process again.

Fully Protected

Having waterproof shoes makes those runs to your vehicle through the rain much more bearable. Not having to pull off sopping wet socks will be reward enough after using this advice to waterproof your shoes.