How to Make a Water Sprinkler with a Plastic Bottle

There is no denying it – it’s hot. All the seasons are getting warmer, and it’s getting harder to keep cool. Even gardens are suffering because their water intake isn’t enough to keep up with the heat. One convenient device can keep your garden hydrated and keep you cool – a sprinkler. Sprinklers will constantly spray water in different directions, making it more effective at reaching all of a large area than a basic water hose.

But you don’t have a sprinkler. And the store has none in stock. What are you going to do? Well, you can make your own sprinkler with things you probably have just lying around your house!

Keeping Cool DIY Style

To make your own sprinkler, you will use a two-liter plastic bottle, electric tape, a garden hose, and a screwdriver. The screwdriver will be used to make holes in the plastic bottle, so if you do not have a screwdriver, another tool that can be used to poke holes in plastic will work. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, you can get to work making your sprinkler.

  • Make sure your plastic bottle is clean. 
  • Poke holes in the bottle with your screwdriver. 12-14 holes will do, but you can add more or less depending on your preference.
  • Attach the bottle to your hose with the tape. Your tape must be strong to hold them together. Put the opening of the bottle onto the end of the hose, and tape them together until they are securely connected.

Once you’ve finished attaching your sprinkler to the hose, just place it where you want it and turn the water on! 

See how to make your own sprinkler here:

Sprinkling Away the Heat

Whether you are using your new sprinkler as a practical garden helper or a fun way to keep cool with your kids, it’s a DIY hack that is sure to please! Just don’t forget to turn off your water when you are finished using it.