How to Keep Seeds Fresh

Some vegetables and fruits produce seeds that are easily attainable and able to be stored to plant in your own garden. However, seeds do not stay fresh forever, and they must be properly stored in order to last. Being familiar with the seeds you are dealing with and how to store them is necessary for doing your own seed harvesting.

How to Store Seeds

If you want to make your own sustainable garden, it is important to learn how to harvest and store the seeds yourself. First, you have to let the seeds dry completely. Once you remove them from the vegetable or fruit, they should be sat out to dry for at least a week. Sit them on newspaper or paper towels. If you are drying out different seeds, you can write the name of the plant above the seeds so you do not mix them up. Once the seeds are dry, place them into labeled envelopes or other small paper packets.

Other tips for saving seeds are:

  • Store the packets of your seeds in airtight containers. 
  • Make sure you are storing your seeds in a cool and dry place. 
  • Make sure to date each labeled packet, so you can dispose of seeds that are no longer good.
  • When you want to plant the seeds, place them somewhere that will allow them to come to room temperature. Keep them in the airtight container.

See how to store seeds here: 

Want to extend the life of your seeds? You can freeze them! Normally, they are placed in the refrigerator to remain cool, but freezers will extend the life of your seeds because it’s better at preventing temperature fluctuations that the refrigerator.

Sustaining Your Own Garden

Harvesting and using the seeds that come from the plants that you grow is an amazing way to sustain your own garden. Be sure to research how long certain seeds last in order to make sure that you are not wasting time on dead seeds.