How to Hack Your Fridge to Dispense Wine

Wine enthusiasts around the world were in awe when the news of Clare Potts’ wine-dispensing fridge went viral. It was possible to make your fridge dispense chilled wine instead of water, and the earth literally stood still. But how did she do it?

A Genius Idea

Potts’ wine-dispensing fridge started out as an innocent comment to her boyfriend after they moved into their new apartment. She saw their new fridge, and her boyfriend told her that there was a wine rack inside the fridge. Potts responded, “Or we could put it in the water dispenser,” and the wine-dispenser idea came to life.

Turning Water into Wine

The hack was incredibly easy. All Potts did was fill the water dispenser that is normally filled with water with her wine. Anyone can do it! Simply make sure that your water dispenser is empty and pour in the wine of your choice. The fridges do have filters, but the taste of the wine shouldn’t change because of the. 

Don’t Leave the Wine Unattended

If you are dispensing wine from your fridge, make sure that you are going to drink all of the wine in the dispenser. Leaving the wine in an open area for a long period of time will compromise the taste of the wine. Only pour in what you intend to drink.

See how a fridge dispenser works here: 

The Inevitable Return to Water

Once you are finished with your wine, it is important to remember to clean out the water dispenser of the fridge before filling it with water again. The last thing you want is wine residue being mixed with your water, especially because of the funky taste it will produce.

The Best Party Trick

So, the next time you have a get-together, turn your fridge into a wine-dispenser and watch your guests be amazed at your ingenuity. It’s truly a great party trick!