How to Find Tiny Items with a Vacuum

Small items, like earrings and Legos, can be tedious to pick up. They often fall into hard-to-reach places, as well. It’s almost as if small objects go out of their way to get lost in the weirdest places. However, if you have a vacuum and a pair of old stockings, you can make finding small items much easier in just a few simple steps.

Rigging Up the Vacuum

To make your own “Small Item Finder,” all you need are a pair of old nylon stockings, a vacuum that has a hose attachment, a rubber band or ponytail holder, and a pair of scissors. The steps to rig up your vacuum are incredibly simple.

  • First, cut off the foot part off of your stockings.
  • Then, stretch the cut stocking over the end of the vacuum hose.
  • Make sure to pull the nylon stockings tight.
  • Use the rubber band or ponytail holder to secure the stockings on the hose.

That’s it! You can take the hose of your vacuum and point it to wherever you need to look for the small object, and the suction from the vacuum will suck the item in while the nylon stocking catches it.

If you want to skip a step, use knee highs instead of stockings – they are already able to be put on a vacuum hose without any cutting. Another tip is to try to use a rubber band if you have one, it will stay in once place over nylon better than most ponytail holders will.

See how to make your vacuum find your small items here:

Lost and Found

With this vacuum hack, you’ll never have to throw away earrings that don’t have a match again! (Hopefully!) You’ll be able to quickly and efficiently pick up piles of tiny items that fall. This back is one that you never knew you needed.