How to Create a Necklace Holder with Cheap Furniture Knobs and Wood

Whether you’re looking for a cheap alternative to expensive boutique jewelry boxes or simply a nice, hand-made gift for somebody you care about, you might find that furniture knobs and wood can prove to be priceless tools.

More Meaningful Gifts Require that you Put in the Time

It is no doubt faster to buy a necklace holder than to make one, but where’s the heart in that? When it comes to gift-giving, would you rather receive a gift that says, “I care about you $100 worth,” or, “I care about you enough to build you something with my own two hands?”


All you really need to make this work is a single plank of wood about a quarter or a half inch thick, a drywall anchor set, a drill, and a few knob screws.

The first step is to attach the knobs to the wood. Make sure to carefully measure and mark their locations before you begin attaching them, as every attempt will damage the face of the wood. That’s the danger of using a drill.

Many knobs come with holes in the backs for flat-tipped screws to safely and securely fasten them to drawers and shelves. Those are the ones you want.

Once you’ve fixed the knobs to the wood, all that’s left is to follow the instructions on the drywall anchor and attach the plank to the wall. Keep in mind that drywall anchors are incredibly difficult to move, so make sure that that’s where you want the necklace holder to stay before anchoring it.


The best gifts take time and come from the heart. Once you’ve assembled your necklace holder, you’ll see exactly what we mean. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or a gift for yourself, it’s sure to bring a smile.