How to Create a Couch from Wooden Pallets

Modern furniture is all about being new and innovative, and what’s more innovative than creating something with your own two hands? There’s no reason to spend thousands of dollars on a new couch when you can take a few minutes and make one that you know you’ll love because you built it.

Love What You Make

Everybody has at least one awful anecdote about buyer’s remorse. For furniture-buyers, it’s so much worse. Oftentimes, a $3,000 bed or $5,000 couch can put a major dent in your financials only for you to find out that it wasn’t the bed or the couch that you liked, but the cushions.

When you build something from scratch, you have a much higher chance of enjoying your creation. 

Building the Couch

First and foremost, check your pallets for a two-letter stamp. If the stamp says, “HT,” that’s an indoor pallet. If it says, “MB,” that’s an outdoor pallet and can be toxic indoors. Verify each pallet before beginning building.

Next, cut the pallets to the proper length. Once that’s done, you’ll want to fix the cleats to the proper lengths and width to provide better support. Attach them together and you’ve got your bench.

If you’re looking to build a couch, however, you’ll need to craft a back out of more pallets, and fix them securely to the existing bench. Check out this video for an example of one way to build a couch out of pallets:


A homemade wooden pallet couch can be the perfect addition to any deck-side or patio seating area. Not only is it comfortable, but it also improves your home’s curb appeal and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Now every time you have guests over, you’ll get to point at the couch and say, “I made that.”