How to Clean Your Dishwasher

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your dishwasher isn’t cleaning itself. And, if your dishwasher isn’t clean, neither will your dishes be. Over time, food and soap residue accumulate in the interior and filter of the appliance, affecting its efficiency and lifespan. 

Below, you can find a small guide that will teach you how to clean and maintain your dishwasher. Bookmark these life hacks and use them whenever needed. 

How Often Do I Really Need to Clean My Dishwasher?

It depends on how dirty it gets. For example, you should remove bits of food on a daily basis or after each wash cycle. Pull out the rack and make sure there aren’t any leftovers in the drain. Use a paper towel to collect the residue. Make a habit of removing any excess residue from the plates before putting them in the dishwasher. It’s a hassle, we know, but it will help maintain your appliance and keep bad odors at bay. 

You should also clean your dishwasher with a damp cloth once a week to remove any dirt and grime from the interior, the door, the handle, and so on. 

But, if you think that your dishwasher is in need of a deep scrub, then you should follow these lifesaver hacks

How to Deep Scrub Your Dishwasher in 4 Easy Steps

Here’s a step by step guide to making your dishwasher spotless. 

  • Clean the Filter
Cleaning a Dishwasher

It doesn’t matter if everything is grime-free. If the filter is dirty, then nothing will get properly cleaned.

Remove the filter and rinse it under hot running water. Check the owner’s manual if you don’t know where yours is located. Use a soft toothbrush or bristle to remove any dirt or leftover from the mesh and plastic. 

  • Use Steam and Vinegar

One of the reasons most kitchen appliances get so dirty is because we don’t have the time to give them a proper scrub. So, we postpone it until it’s too late and the dirt is so old and dry that we know it’s going to take hours of hard work to remove it. 

Thank the cleaning gods for vinegar and its magical powers

Empty the dishwasher and place one cup of white vinegar on the upper rack. Run the machine through a hot-water cycle so that it produces plenty of steam.

Once done, remove the slime with a sponge or damp cloth. The steam together with the vinegar dislodge the food and dirt particles, making it easier for you to clean it afterward.

  • Use Baking Soda to Remove Nasty Odors

No matter how carefully you clean the drain, food particles will get stuck to it, causing a nasty smell. Baking soda can help you get rid of any bad odors

Sprinkle a cup of baking soda on the bottom of the dishwasher and run a short, hot water cycle. Not only that your dishwasher will smell fresh and clean, but the interior will also look spotless. 

  • Give It a Final Polish
How to Clean a Dishwasher

Smudges and fingerprints will make your dishwasher look unkempt, so make sure to clean the surface with a mild, non-abrasive solution. 

Signing Off

There you have it: a simple, stress-free solution to cleaning your dishwasher – no scrubbing, no stress, no wasted time. Just an ingenious way of making sure your appliance is clean and doing its job properly. We hope you found these life hacks useful and put them to use.